How To Set Up A Small Home Gym

Having a small home gym is like having your own personal fitness oasis right at home! Even if you’re cramped for space, you can create an awesome workout area that fits perfectly into your cozy living room, spare bedroom, or even garage. With a few creative small home gym ideas, you’ll be able to squeeze in some serious sweating without leaving the house. According to Garage Gym Reviews 72% of home gym owners say they work out more often compared to when they belonged to a commercial gym.


Transforming your limited square footage into an efficient exercise zone is easier than you might think. We’re talking space-saving equipment, smart storage solutions, and clever tricks to make your tiny gym feel open and airy. And with all the cool new tech for home fitness, your mini workout space can be just as high-tech and motivating as any fancy gym.

So don’t let a cramped living situation discourage you from going after your fitness goals! This guide will give you all the tips and inspo you need to build an amazingly functional small home gym that you’ll actually want to use daily. Let’s get started!

I. What’s a Good Size for a Small Home Gym?


You don’t need a massive amount of square footage to create an effective small home gym. Even tiny nooks can be transformed into mighty workout zones!

A. For basic cardio and strength training, you can get away with just a 7×7 foot space or around 50 square feet.
B. If you want room for a treadmill or other larger equipment, aim for at least 10×6 feet or 60-80 square feet.
C. Going bigger to 12×12 feet (144 sq ft) allows more open space for activities like yoga or kickboxing.

The key is choosing streamlined, multi-purpose gear that maximizes every inch. With smart planning, you can pack a complete gym into a relatively small footprint.

Don’t get discouraged if you only have 50 or 60 square feet to dedicate to your small home gym. With creative organization, even a tiny area provides enough space to break a serious sweat!

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II. Exercise Stuff That Doesn’t Take Much Space


When putting together your small home gym, the equipment you choose is key. You want pieces that pack a punch without hogging up precious floor space. Luckily, there are tons of compact, multi-purpose options out there!

“The key to maximizing a small home gym is choosing multi-functional equipment and creative storage solutions that make the most of vertical space.”

Says Jennifer Farrell, Home Gym Designer

A. Treadmills and rowing machines that fold up make it easy to walk or row, then tuck your cardio machine against the wall.
B. All-in-one weight systems are super versatile for small home gyms. You can work your whole body without tons of bulky individual pieces.
C. Resistance bands you hang on the wall are a simple, effective strength training solution that takes up basically zero space.

The key is looking for streamlined, storable exercise gear that still allows you to get an amazing total-body workout. With smart equipment choices, even a tiny nook can become a mighty small home gym!

According to a Technavio research, the home gym equipment market is projected to grow by $3.92 billion from 2021-2025.

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III. Where to Put Your Exercise Stuff


Once you have your compact exercise equipment picked out, you’ll need some smart storage solutions for your small home gym. Getting creative with your layout is crucial when space is limited.

A. Install some vertical racks or shelving units on the walls to store things neatly off the floor.
B. Stash exercise bands, balls, and other small items in ottomans or under benches to declutter.
C. Look for multi-purpose furniture like storage ottomans that can hold your small home gym extras.

Having designated places to keep your workout gear will prevent your cozy exercise room from feeling cramped and messy. Get those pieces off the floor to maximize your open space!

Thoughtful storage and organization are key ingredients for an efficient yet spacious-feeling small home gym. With some clever planning, you can ensure every inch is used wisely.

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IV. Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger


Even after finding compact equipment and smart storage, your small home gym can still feel a little too…small. But there are some cool tricks to create the illusion of more open space!

A. Using mirrors strategically on the walls can instantly make a tiny room feel more airy and bright.

“Don’t underestimate the power of mirrors when designing a compact workout zone. They create the illusion of depth and help open up even the tiniest of exercise areas.”

Says Bobby Berk, Interior Designer

B. If you have outdoor space like a patio or backyard, set up your small home gym so you can transition workouts outside when the weather is nice.
C. An open concept layout with no walls or doors separating the gym area will prevent your exercise space from feeling cramped.

With a few space-enhancing design hacks, you can fake a bigger feel for your bijou home gym. Get creative with lighting, mirrors, and an open floor plan!

Don’t let the word “small” deter you – there are lots of ways to maximize every square foot of your cozy home workout zone. Bring the outside in and play with mirrors and you’ll be amazed at the airy vibe you can achieve.

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V. New Tech for Small Home Gyms

Erynn Forbes

These days, some seriously cool high-tech gadgets are making small home gyms even more space-efficient and effective. Did you know that In 2020, Peloton saw a 172% increase in fitness subscriptions as home workouts surged. This new fitness technology allows you to take your tiny gym to the next level!

A. AI coaching systems use motion sensors to give you personalized workout feedback and can automatically adjust your equipment’s resistance or incline.
B. Virtual reality workout apps make your small home gym feel like you’re exercising in amazing landscapes or futuristic studios instead of your living room.
C. Eco-friendly, user-powered equipment like stationary bikes that charge batteries while you pedal are perfect for a sustainable small home gym.

From smart mirrors that stream classes to AI boxing coaches, the future of home fitness is compact yet cutting-edge. Embrace technology to maximize your small home gym experience!

With all the innovative new tech entering the home fitness market, creating an incredibly efficient yet high-performance small home gym setup is totally possible these days. Don’t settle for basic when you can build a space-saving smart gym!

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VI. Finding Space for a Home Gym Area


Don’t have an obvious spare room to turn into your small home gym? Get creative with underutilized nooks and crannies around your place!

A. That unused corner of the living room or basement can be transformed into a micro home gym zone.
B. Consider setting up your compact exercise area in an entryway, hallway or walk-in closet.
C. The garage is also a perfect spot for housing your small home gym, especially if you can open it up in nice weather.

You don’t need a dedicated gym room to create an awesome workout space at home. Any little niche or transitional area can become your mini fitness oasis with some clever setup.

Get resourceful about carving out a small home gym, even if it means repurposing an underutilized landing or alcove. With some reorganizing, you can likely find the perfect spot!

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VII. Perfect Wall Colors for Your Small Home Gym


The right paint color can make or break the vibe of your compact exercise space. Choose hues that will energize and motivate you during sweaty sessions.

A. Go with bright, vivid shades like orange, red or yellow to create an invigorating, high-energy atmosphere.

“Adding a few pops of bright, saturated color and inspirational art creates a motivating vibe that will get you excited to work out in your personal gym sanctuary.”

Says Michel Smith Boyd, Interior Designer

B. Earthy greens and blues have a calming yet uplifting feel that’s ideal for a zen home gym sanctuary.
C. White or light neutral walls will maximize light and make your small home gym feel bigger and brighter.

Don’t underestimate the power of paint! The right shade will set the perfect tone for focusing and pushing hard during workouts.

Have fun playing with colors that inspire your desired gym mood and complement your equipment and accessories. The possibilities are endless for your mini fitness oasis!

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VIII. How to Make Your Small Home Gym Look Good


Just because your workout space is compact doesn’t mean it has to feel cluttered or boring. With some design smarts, you can create a stylish small home gym.

A. Use sleek, modern equipment and storage that fits with your home’s aesthetic. Opt for pieces that blend form and function.
B. Incorporate inspirational artwork, motivational quotes, or even a TV/mirror to make your gym feel intentional.
C. Add pops of your favorite color through accessories like resistance bands, mats, towels to personalize the space.
D. Maximize natural light through windows or skylights, and use lamps to brighten dark corners.

“Good lighting is crucial for an energizing small home gym. I love combining natural light from windows and strategic lamps to brighten up the whole space.”

Says Brian Woulfe, Home Gym Designer

Don’t neglect the decor and vibe when designing your cozy home gym! Putting effort into the look creates an inviting space you’ll want to spend time in.

Let your unique style and personality shine through your small home gym’s design elements. Making it aesthetically pleasing ensures your miniature workout haven feels harmonious with the rest of your home.

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There you have it – all the tips and inspo you need to turn any tiny nook into a space-saving but super functional home gym! Don’t let limited square footage cramp your fitness goals.

With compact, versatile equipment, smart storage solutions and some design creativity, you can squeeze an amazing workout zone into even the smallest of spaces. From a transformed closet to a glorified corner, no area is too bijou for your very own sweat sanctuary.

And thanks to all the latest home gym tech like AI trainers and immersive VR, your mini fitness oasis can be just as high-tech as any mega gym. The future of exercise has never been so space-efficient!

So what are you waiting for? Start brainstorming all the ways you can build your small home gym today using these insider ideas. Your cozy new workout retreat is just a few clever tricks away. Let’s get sweating!

FAQs About Small Home Gyms

Still have some burning questions about setting up a compact workout zone at home? Check out these common FAQs:

Q: How much should I budget for equipping a small home gym?

A: You can get started with just a few hundred dollars for basic gear like resistance bands, free weights, and a fitness mat. For higher-end strength or cardio machines, budget $500-$2000 depending on your needs.

Q: Is it difficult to find space for a home gym in a small space?

A: Not at all! Any little nook, closet, or underutilized area can be transformed into an efficient gym zone with creative planning. Making use of vertical space is key.

Q: Will having equipment out make my home look cluttered?

A: Not if you invest in smart, streamlined storage! Wall racks, hideaway cabinets, and multi-use furniture help keep your small home gym neatly tucked away when not in use.

Q: What are some good low-impact gym flooring options?

A: Rubber or foam interlocking tiles are comfortable and low-noise options. Area rugs or cushioned horse stall mats also work well for small spaces.

Q: How can I keep my tiny home gym feeling motivating?

A: Decorate with inspirational art/quotes, install great lighting and audio, and invest in equipment and colors that energize you. Having an appealing, personal workout zone is key for motivation.



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