Tips for Home Decorating on a Budget: Where to Splurge and Save

Are you looking tips for home decorating on a budget, do you want to give your home a makeover, but you’re on a tight budget? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, most of us are faced with the same dilemma. But there’s good news: it is possible to decorate your home on a budget, without sacrificing style or quality.

The key is to know where to splurge and where to save. In this article, I’ll share my top tips for home decorating on a budget. I’ll also give you lots of examples of how you can create a beautiful home, without breaking the bank.

So if you’re ready to start transforming your space, read on!

Why Decorate on a Budget?


Home is more than just walls and furniture; it’s where memories are made, laughter echoes, and dreams take flight. But let’s face it: the dreamy home decor spreads on Pinterest can feel like a distant galaxy when your budget is down-to-earth. Fear not! With my expert tips for home decorating on a budget, you’ll navigate the cosmos of home decorating without cosmic expenses.

“Good design is accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. It’s all about making smart choices and using your resources creatively.”

Nate Berkus, interior designer and television personality

1. Set Your Priorities

“Budgeting is like creating a roadmap for your decor journey.”

Before you start investing in throw pillows and accent rugs, pause and set your priorities. What matters most to you? Is it a plush sofa, a statement chandelier, or perhaps a gallery wall of family photos? Knowing where to splurge and where to save is your secret weapon.

Example: Imagine you’re a book lover. Prioritize investing in a cozy reading nook—a comfortable armchair, a vintage floor lamp, and a bookshelf. These timeless pieces create a focal point while leaving room in your budget for other essentials.

“If you are looking for a way to style your space with wall art without breaking your piggy bank, then I recommend reading 10 Surprising Benefits of Printable Wall Art

2. Splurge: Timeless Pieces

Amazon-Modern White Curved Sofa

“Invest in pieces that age like fine wine.”

Timeless pieces are the backbone of your decor. Think of them as the classic novels in your home library. Splurge on quality sofas, sturdy coffee tables, and rugs that withstand both foot traffic and fleeting trends. These are the anchors of your decor voyage.

Example: A well-crafted leather sofa not only provides comfort but also exudes elegance. It’s the centerpiece around which you build your decor narrative. Pair it with a solid wood coffee table—a piece that transcends fads and adds warmth to your living room.

3. Save: Accessories and Accents

“The little things? They matter.”

Accessories are the spice of decor life. Swap out inexpensive throw pillows, rearrange wall art, and experiment with budget-friendly decor accents. A few well-placed candles, a thrifted vase, or a quirky lampshade can transform your space without a financial earthquake.

Example: Instead of splurging on designer cushions, opt for affordable ones with interesting textures. Add a handmade macrame wall hanging or a gallery of framed postcards. These small changes breathe life into your room without breaking the bank.

4. Splurge: Statement Lighting

Amazon-Modern Gold Chandelier

“Let there be light (and drama).”

Lighting isn’t just functional; it’s the heartbeat of ambiance. Splurge on that jaw-dropping chandelier or those pendant lights that make guests gasp. Imagine sipping wine under a celestial fixture—worth every penny!

Example: Picture a grand chandelier above your dining table. Its crystals catch the light, casting enchanting patterns on the walls. Every meal becomes a special occasion. That’s the magic of statement lighting.

5. Save: DIY Magic

“Craftiness is your superpower.”

Channel your inner artist. DIY projects are like secret spells. Repurpose old furniture, create custom wall art, or make your own curtains. DIY not only saves money but also adds a personal touch to your home.

Example: Transform an old wooden ladder into a rustic bookshelf. Paint it, add some fairy lights, and voilà—an eye-catching display for your favorite reads. Plus, it’s a conversation starter when friends visit.

“The greatest decorating trick is to love the things around you. When you do, a few things become enough.”

Erin Gates, founder of the blog Elements of Style

6. Splurge: Upholstery and Fabrics

Amazon-Performance Fabric Arm Chair

“Texture, meet durability.”

Invest in quality upholstery and fabrics. Well-made sofas, chairs, and curtains withstand life’s spills and cuddle sessions. Opt for neutral colors or classic patterns—they’re like the little black dress of decor.

Example: A plush velvet armchair invites you to sink in after a long day. Its rich texture adds depth to the room. Pair it with durable linen curtains that filter sunlight and create a cozy atmosphere.

7. Save: Area Rugs

“Rugs: the magic carpets of budget decor.”

Area rugs don’t need to cost a fortune. Look for budget-friendly options that add warmth and texture. Layer smaller rugs to create visual interest without overspending.

Example: A jute rug under your coffee table adds earthy charm. Top it with a smaller patterned rug for contrast. Suddenly, your living room feels curated and inviting.

8. Splurge: Kitchen Upgrades


“Cooking with Flair”

The kitchen isn’t just for whipping up meals; it’s where family bonds simmer, where late-night conversations unfold, and where culinary magic happens. While we’re mindful of our budget, certain kitchen upgrades are worth the investment. Let’s explore how to elevate your kitchen without emptying your wallet:

1. Countertop Resurfacing

Splurge: If your countertops have seen better days, consider resurfacing them. Granite, quartz, or butcher block—choose a material that suits your style. A fresh countertop instantly transforms your kitchen.

Amazon-Epoxy Countertop Resurfacing

Save: Instead of replacing the entire countertop, explore DIY resurfacing kits. These affordable solutions give your existing surface a facelift. Plus, you’ll have bragging rights: “Oh, I did it myself!”

2. Faucet Facelift

Splurge: A sleek, high-quality faucet is like jewelry for your sink. Go for a pull-down sprayer or a touchless model. It’s not just about aesthetics; functionality matters too.

Amazon-Kitchen Faucet With Pull Down Sprayer

Save: Look for budget-friendly faucets with modern designs. Chrome finishes are timeless and easy on the wallet. Install it yourself—it’s easier than you think!

3. Cabinet Hardware Upgrade

Splurge: New cabinet handles and knobs can breathe life into tired cabinets. Opt for solid metal or crystal accents. They’re like earrings for your cupboards.

Amazon-Bronze Kitchen Cabinets Handles

Save: Hunt for clearance or thrifted hardware. Spray paint existing handles for a fresh look. Remember, consistency matters—choose one style for all cabinets.

4. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Splurge: Energy-efficient appliances pay dividends over time. Invest in an Energy Star-rated refrigerator, dishwasher, or stove. They save money on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Amazon-5 Burner Gast Stovetop

Save: Shop during appliance sales or consider refurbished models. Look for energy-saving features like LED lighting and smart controls.

5. Backsplash Bliss

Splurge: A stylish backsplash elevates your kitchen instantly. Subway tiles, mosaic patterns, or even mirrored glass—choose what resonates with your design vision.

Amazon-White Glossy Ceramic Subway tiles

Save: Peel-and-stick backsplash tiles are a game-changer. They’re affordable, easy to install, and come in various designs. No grout mess, no fuss!

6. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Splurge: Illuminate your workspace with under-cabinet lighting. LED strips or puck lights create ambiance and make midnight snack raids safer.

Amazon-Wireless LED Undercabinet Lighting

Save: Battery-operated stick-on lights work wonders. No wiring is needed—just peel and stick. Your countertops will thank you.

7. Pantry Organization

Splurge: Invest in pull-out pantry shelves or lazy Susans. Organized storage makes cooking a joy. Plus, you’ll stop buying duplicate spices (we’ve all been there).

Amazon-2 Tier Kidney Cut Lazy Susan

Save: DIY pantry labels and clear containers. Reorganize your pantry by category—baking essentials, snacks, canned goods. It’s like a mini makeover.

8. Fresh Paint for Cabinets

Splurge: If your cabinets are screaming for attention, consider repainting them. Crisp white, calming gray, or navy blue—pick a color that complements your kitchen.

Amazon-All-in-One Cabinet Paint Kit

Save: Sand, prime, and paint your cabinets yourself. It’s a weekend project that yields big results. Don’t forget new hinges and handles for the finishing touch.

Remember, a kitchen upgrade isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about enhancing functionality and creating a space where memories simmer and flavors bloom. So, whether you’re sizzling up a stir-fry or baking cookies, let your kitchen be your canvas. Happy cooking! 🍳🌟

9. Save: Wall Paint and Decorative Details

“Paint: the budget genie.”

A fresh coat of paint is like a makeover for your walls. It’s the magic wand that can turn a drab room into a vibrant oasis. Save on paint costs and focus on decorative details—crown molding, trim, and hardware. These subtle touches weave magic.

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Conclusion: Your Budget, Your Canvas

Decorating on a budget isn’t about scarcity; it’s about creativity. As you curate your space, remember that every choice—whether a splurge or a save—adds brushstrokes to your life’s masterpiece. So go forth, create, and let your home tell your story. After all, it’s not just about the decor; it’s about the life you live within those walls. I hope you enjoyed these tips for home decorating on a budget and found them useful. Happy decorating! 🏡✨

FAQs: Tips For Home Decorating on a Budget

How do I decorate my home on a tight budget?

  • Explore thrift stores: Unearth hidden gems like vintage mirrors or quirky vases.
  • Borrow ideas from online tutorials: YouTube and blogs offer DIY inspiration.
  • Focus on small changes: Swap out lampshades, rearrange furniture, or add peel-and-stick wallpaper.

What are some budget-friendly decor ideas?

  • DIY wall art: Create abstract canvases using leftover paint or fabric.
  • Thrifted treasures: That old wooden ladder? Turn it into a rustic bookshelf.
  • Mix high and low-priced items: Splurge on a statement piece, but balance it with affordable accents.

Can I have a stylish home without overspending?

  • Absolutely! Prioritize essentials: Invest in quality where it matters most.
  • Get creative: Repurpose old furniture or use unconventional materials.
  • Enjoy the process: Decorating isn’t just about the end result—it’s about making your space uniquely yours.



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