Steal These 15 Expert-Approved Decorating Secrets


Let’s be real, home decorating can feel like navigating a Pinterest board maze blindfolded. ‍ Tiny, big spaces, tight budgets, and endless inspiration leave you wondering: how do I create a home that’s both stylish and, well, livable? But fear not, I’m here to spill the tea on 15 expert approved decorating secrets that interior designers use to decorate their clients homes.

These secrets will have your apartment looking magazine-worthy without breaking the bank. So grab your metaphorical paintbrush (or maybe just your phone), because I’m about to unleash some seriously game-changing interior design secrets! ✨

Master the Art of Scale and Proportion


Ever feel like your furniture is having a sumo wrestling match in your apartment? Expert approved decorating secrets reveal the power of scale and proportion. Imagine furniture that fits just right, creating a balanced and spacious feel. Think using the “rule of thirds” for furniture placement and avoiding oversized pieces that dominate the room. Feeling crafty? Interior designers suggest strategically placed mirrors to create the illusion of more square footage. Remember, it’s all about maximizing space without sacrificing comfort!

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Embrace Unexpected Layouts


Who says your sofa has to be glued to the wall? Designers encourage you to ditch the traditional layout and embrace the unexpected. Try an angled sofa for a chic conversation nook, or experiment with furniture away from walls for an open feel. Feeling creative? DIY room dividers can define functional zones in open-plan spaces, while upcycled furniture adds a unique touch. Remember, expert approved decorating secrets are all about expressing your personality, so break the rules and have fun!

Layer Textures and Patterns Like a Pro


Ever seen a room that feels flat and boring? Expert-approved decorating secrets reveal the magic of layering textures and patterns! Mix smooth leather pillows with plush throws, or add a patterned rug for a touch of visual interest. Remember, budget-friendly options like throws and accent pillows can make a big impact. Want to go the extra mile? Interior designers suggest DIY projects like macrame wall hangings or woven baskets to add texture and personality. Remember, layering is all about balance, so avoid overwhelming the space!

“The key to successful decorating is creating a personal and inviting space that reflects your individual style and needs.”

Nate Berkus

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Give Your Space Depth


Mirrors are a must if you have a small space. They will give your room depth and charm. When you hang your mirrors, make sure they reflect something of interest to enhance your space.

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Think Beyond Overhead Lighting 


Harsh overhead lighting is the enemy of cozy vibes. ‍ Designers urge you to explore the power of layered lighting. Table lamps add warmth, floor lamps create reading nooks, and sconces bathe walls in a soft glow. Feeling budget-conscious? String lights and fairy lights add a touch of magic without breaking the bank. Remember, expert approved decorating secrets are all about creating ambiance and functionality, so ditch the single-source glare and embrace the power of layered lighting!

Accessorize with Intention


Your apartment shouldn’t feel like a generic hotel room, right? These expert approved decorating secrets emphasize the power of meaningful accessories. Think travel souvenirs that spark memories, artwork that reflects your passions, or family heirlooms with sentimental value. Feeling crafty? Upcycle vintage finds or DIY decorative items to add a personal touch. Remember, expert approved secrets are all about injecting your unique story into your space, so choose accessories that speak to you and make you feel at home!

“Design is not just about making things look pretty; it’s about creating spaces that function well and make people feel good.”

Emily Henderson

Create Focal Points to Draw the Eye


Imagine entering your apartment and instantly being drawn to a captivating statement piece. That’s the magic of focal points, revealed by interior designers. It could be a stunning piece of artwork, a unique fireplace mantel, or a bold accent chair. Feeling limited by space? Budget-friendly options like DIY gallery walls or painted accent walls can still create impactful focal points. Remember, expert approved decorating secrets are all about drawing attention and adding visual interest, so choose a focal point that reflects your style and personality!

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Don’t Shy Away from Bold Colors

Benjamin Moore

Fear of color shouldn’t hold you back from creating a vibrant and exciting space. Designers encourage you to experiment with bold colors, but in smart ways. Start with small doses like an accent wall or statement furniture to add a pop of personality. Feeling unsure? These expert approved decorating secrets suggest using color theory basics to choose complementary colors and neutrals for balance. Remember, bold colors can energize your space, so don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone!

Let Natural Light Shine In 

Benjamin Moore

Feeling gloomy in your apartment? Unlock the power of natural light. Maximize natural light by keeping windows clear, using sheer curtains, and strategically placing mirrors. Feeling plant-obsessed? Greenery not only brightens the space but also purifies the air, making it a win-win situation. Remember, These secrets are all about harnessing the benefits of natural light for a brighter, healthier, and more cheerful home!

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Edit Ruthlessly! Less is More

Benjamin Moore

Feeling overwhelmed by stuff? You’re not alone. But expert approved decorating secrets reveal the transformative power of editing. Declutter furniture, accessories, and even artwork to create a clean and calming space. Utilize storage solutions like baskets and ottomans with hidden compartments to maximize space without sacrificing style. Remember, it’s all about creating a sense of peace and tranquility, so embrace the minimalist mindset and edit ruthlessly!

Inject Your Personal Style and Story


The ultimate expert approved decorating secret is this: your home should reflect YOU! Don’t be afraid to display your collections, artwork, or objects with sentimental value. Feeling crafty? Upcycle vintage finds or personalize furniture with DIY projects. Remember, decorating its all about creating a space that feels truly unique and personal. So break the mold, embrace your individuality, and let your story shine through in your decor!

“Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and periods. Your home should reflect your personality and not a magazine spread.”

Kelly Wearstler

Master the Art of the Thrift Find


Second-hand stores and flea markets are treasure troves waiting to be explored! Unearth unique furniture, artwork, and decorative items at a fraction of the retail price. With a little TLC and creativity, you can transform these finds into statement pieces for your home. Remember, vintage finds add character and tell a story, making your space truly unique.

Get Crafty and Upcycle


Don’t underestimate the power of DIY! Upcycle old furniture, like painting a dresser or reupholstering chairs, to give them a new lease on life. Transform everyday items into decorative pieces, like using mason jars as vases or turning old ladders into bookshelves. Remember, DIY projects allow you to personalize your space and express your creativity without breaking the bank.

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Think Multi-Functional Magic

Sharon Rembaum

Maximize space and functionality with multi-functional furniture. Opt for ottomans with hidden storage compartments, futon sofas that transform into beds, or nesting tables that tuck away when not needed. Remember, every piece should serve a purpose and help you utilize your space efficiently.

Embrace the Swap and Share Economy

Future / Brent Darby

Looking for a specific piece or want to refresh your decor? Consider participating in furniture swaps with friends or utilizing online platforms for trading or borrowing items. Remember, collaboration and resourcefulness can help you achieve your desired look without spending a fortune.

Get Creative with Repurposing

Francesco Lagnese

Think outside the box and repurpose everyday items for decorative purposes. Use baskets for storage and plant holders, hang fabric scraps as curtains, or transform old suitcases into coffee tables. Remember, a little ingenuity can go a long way in adding personality and functionality to your space without straining your budget.

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Remember that feeling of stepping into a beautifully decorated space, one that instantly makes you feel relaxed, inspired, and truly at home? That’s the magic you can unlock in your own apartment with these expert approved decorating secrets – and even more budget-friendly options!

From mastering scale and proportion to embracing unexpected layouts, layering textures and patterns like a pro, and letting natural light shine in, we’ve explored interior designer’s decorating secrets.

Remember, these expert approved decorating secrets, combined with your own creativity and resourcefulness, can help you create a space that reflects your unique style and personality, all without draining your wallet. So go forth, experiment, and have fun transforming your home into a haven you truly love!

FAQs: Steal These Expert-Approved Decorating Secrets (and More!)

Q: I love these secrets, but where do I start?

A: Start by assessing your space and identifying your priorities. What areas need the most attention? What kind of vibe are you going for? Once you have a clear vision, choose a secret or two to tackle first. Remember, small changes can make a big difference!

Q: I’m on a tight budget, can I still use these secrets?

A: Absolutely! Many of the secrets, like upcycling and repurposing, are specifically designed for the budget-conscious decorator. Remember, resourcefulness and creativity are key! Explore thrift stores, flea markets, and online platforms for treasures waiting to be discovered.

Q: I’m not the crafty type, any alternatives?

A: No worries! Not everyone enjoys DIY projects. Focus on secrets that don’t require crafting, like utilizing natural light, embracing unexpected layouts, or accessorizing with intention. You can also find affordable ready-made decor items that reflect your style.

Q: My apartment is tiny, are these secrets even possible?

A: Small spaces are perfect for embracing many of these secrets! Think multi-functional furniture, clever storage solutions, and maximizing vertical space. Remember, scale and proportion are crucial in small spaces, so choose furniture and decor that fit comfortably without feeling overwhelming.

Q: I’m afraid to make mistakes! What if I don’t like the outcome?

A: Decorating is about experimentation and finding what works for you. Don’t be afraid to try new things and remember, mistakes can lead to unexpected discoveries! Start with small changes and adjust as you go. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process!

Q: Where can I find more inspiration and resources?

A: Subscribe to my blog for fresh decorating tips and expert advice delivered straight to your inbox! I also recommend checking out online resources like Pinterest, home decor magazines, and design blogs for endless inspiration. Remember, the key is to find ideas that resonate with your style and adapt them to your unique space.

Q: Can I share my own decorating tips and secrets?

A: Absolutely! Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. We love hearing from our readers and learning from each other. Let’s build a community of creative and resourceful decorators!



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