Shop Floor Lamps: Light Up Your Room with Style and Functionality

Shopping for the perfect floor lamp is the first step in transforming any room into a stylish, well-lit haven. These versatile lighting pieces not only illuminate your spaces with warmth and ambiance, but they also add major design flair. Whether you’re Looking to shop floor lamps with mid-century modern curves, industrial-chic edginess, or rustic charm, the right fixture can elevate your home’s look from drab to fab in an instant.


Imagine walking into your living room, bedroom, or home office and being enveloped in a cozy, inviting glow – all thanks to your fabulous new floor lamp selection. Not just practical lighting sources, floor lamps serve as artistic accents and focal points that instantly catch the eye. With so many chic styles to choose from, you can make a bold statement or complement your current decor aesthetic flawlessly.

So get ready to light up your world with more than just proper illumination. With this guide to shop floor lamps that pack a stylish punch, you’ll be able to transform any room into a design magazine-worthy space you’re proud to call home.

A. Consider Your Needs to Shop the Right Floor Lamp


Not all floor lamps are created equal – the ideal one for you depends on your specific lighting needs and room uses. Take a step back and evaluate how and where you plan to use the lamp before you shop.

Task Lighting Requirements

If you need a floor lamp primarily for task lighting, like for a reading nook or office, you’ll want a model with an adjustable arm or swiveling shade to direct the light. An opaque lamp shade helps focus the illumination right where you need it most.

Ambient Only

For rooms where you just need general, ambient lighting like in a living room, models with widespread light projection from a translucent or transparent shade work well. Uplighting floor lamps that send light up towards the ceiling create a soft, diffused glow.

“Always think about how you’ll be using a space before selecting lighting. The wrong lamp can leave you squinting or straining”

advises interior designer Jeff Andrews

Kid and Pet Friendly

If you have young children or pets at home, you’ll want to shop for floor lamps with weighted bases to prevent tipping. Models without dangling pull-chains and with enclosed wiring are also smart picks for added safety.

By taking the time to consider your lighting needs first, you can narrow your shopping choices and end up with floor lamps that give you just the right illumination every time.

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B. Types of Floor Lamps


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Ambient Floor Lamp | Reading Floor Lamp | Uplight Floor Lamp | Arc Floor Lamp

Floor lamps come in a wide variety of styles to suit any lighting need or design preference. Understanding the different categories can help you zero in on the best type when you shop.

Ambient Floor Lamps

These lamps provide overall, diffused lighting to illuminate an entire room. They typically have tall stands and shades made from translucent materials that allow light to travel in all directions.

Reading Floor Lamps

As the name suggests, these specialized lamps are designed for task lighting like reading or working. They often have adjustable arms, movable heads, and focused downlighting from opaque shades.

Uplight and Torchiere Floor Lamps

These modern styles send light upwards towards the ceiling, creating a bright, ambient effect that makes rooms feel more open and airy. Torchiere lamps have distinctive bowl-shaped shades.

Arc Floor Lamps

With their graceful, curved arms extending over furniture, arc lamps are stylish yet functional sources of task or ambient lighting. The arched design maximizes lighting coverage.

Designer Quote: “Every room requires different lighting layers – accent, task and ambient. Having the right floor lamp styles is key”

says designer Gillian Segal

From task lighting to decorative ambient effects, there’s a floor lamp type perfectly suited for all your needs and spaces. Make sure to shop accordingly!

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C. Get Enlightened on Lamp Shades


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Drum Shade | Empire Shade | Coolie Shade

The shade of your floor lamp plays a huge role in the amount and quality of light it emits. Choosing the right shade shape and material ensures your lamp gives off the perfect illumination.

Drum Shades

Cylindrical drum shades provide even, ambient lighting that gets dispersed in all directions. They come in various sizes, fabrics and materials like linen, silk or parchment.

Empire Shades

With their rectangle top and rounded, tapered bottom shape, empire shades focus light downwards – great for task lighting needs. They have a traditional, almost vintage look.

Coolie Shades

These distinctive shades curve inward at the top in a coolie hat or empire silhouette. The unique shape helps direct light both upwards and downwards for ambient and task lighting.

“The right lamp shade creates atmosphere and sets the entire lighting tone for a room”

Advises designer Jeffrey Alan Marks

From basic drums to decorative empire and coolie silhouettes in various materials, choosing a flattering shade style ensures your floor lamp illuminates and elevates.

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D. Stylish Floor Lamp Picks for Every Decor Style


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Mid-Century | Industrial-Chic | Rustic Charm

No matter if your home has a mid-century modern, industrial chic, or rustic farmhouse vibe, there are plenty of fashionable floor lamps to shop that will seamlessly complement your decorating style. Let’s explore some eye-catching options:

Mid-Century Modern Flair

Iconic arched floor lamps with slim, curved wooden or metal stands evoke the sexy, sophisticated aesthetic of the 1950s-60s era of design. With slim drum shades and stems that bend into sculptural arches, these vintage-inspired beauties make a retro-glam statement.

“Floor lamps from the mid-century era have an iconic look that blends form and function beautifully”

Notes designer Jonathan Adler

Industrial Chic Vibe

For an edgier, urban look, industrial style floor lamps with thick metal bodies, antique-inspired bulb cages, and utility-chic details are all the rage to shop. Polished metal shades, exposed bulbs, and mixed material accents give these lamps a raw, unfinished appeal.

“An industrial floor lamp adds an edgy, urban touch to any living space”

Says Stylist Nate Berkus

Rustic Charm

Bringing the outdoors in, rustic floor lamps crafted from natural wood, wrought iron, rope, and other earthy elements provide warm, inviting ambiance. Think knotted rope bases, driftwood stems, antler accents and linen shades for an organic, farmhouse-fresh look.

No matter your style, there are plenty of fashionable, functional options to shop for floor lamps that make a statement in any space.

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E. Finding the Perfect Size


When shopping for floor lamps, size really does matter. The right sized lamp can make or break a room’s look and lighting. Here are some tips for choosing floor lamps that are a Goldilocks fit – not too big or too small, but just right:

Small Space Solutions

If you live in a compact apartment, loft or just have a tiny room to work with, you’ll want to shop for slimmer, smaller scale floor lamps. Look for options with narrow bodies, petite shades and a streamlined design that won’t overwhelm your tiny territory. Torchiere styles that send light upwards are great for creating a bright, airy feel.

Did you know that A whopping 37% of millennials rent their homes, many in urban areas with limited square footage. Smart lighting that fits the scale is key.

Tall Lamps for High Ceilings

Have soaring ceilings or an open concept floor plan? You’ll need an appropriately sized larger lamp to balance the vertical space. Tall, overarching floor lamps that stretch up with shades positioned at least 5-6 feet high work beautifully. Aim for lamps with substantial bases too, so they feel grounded.

Pro Tip: Using extra-large lamps in a big, open room adds warmth and a nice design anchor to the space, advises designer Bunny Williams.

No matter your ceiling height or square footage, there’s a properly proportioned floor lamp out there made for your layout. Just shop wisely!

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F. Lighting Made Easy

Interior Fox; Photo: Daniel Villarreal

Once you’ve found stylish floor lamps in just the right sizes for your rooms, it’s time to think about features that make your lighting setup user-friendly and efficient. Today’s best lamps offer convenient options:

Energy-Efficient Options

When shopping for new floor lamps, look for energy-saving bulb options like LED and CFL. These use way less electricity than traditional incandescents, saving you money on utilities while still providing bright, quality illumination.

“Smart lighting is the future – choose energy-saving bulbs without sacrificing style”

Recommends designer Kelly Wearstler

Lighting Controls

Many modern floor lamps now come equipped with high-tech features like dimming capabilities, touch controls, and smart home integration. Dimmers let you easily set the vibe and ambiance. Touch lamps turn on/off with a tap. And lamps connected to smart home systems can be controlled remotely from your phone or tablet!

Did you know that over 35% of consumers now prioritize smart home technology capabilities when purchasing new household products.

With eco-friendly bulb choices and convenient controls, new floor lamps make brightening your spaces more functional than ever before. So shop wisely for brilliant lighting that works smarter, not harder!

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Conclusion: Choose the Right Floor Lamp

As you can see, floor lamps are far more than just basic lighting sources. These versatile fixtures can completely transform a room’s look and ambiance while serving both functional and decorative purposes. From illuminating your reading nook to making a bold style statement, the right floor lamp elevates any space.

When shopping for floor lamps, remember to consider your lighting needs, existing decor aesthetic, and room size. Choose wisely from the many stylish options in materials and designs ranging from mid-century modern to industrial chic to rustic farmhouse fresh. With smart bulb choices and cutting-edge features like dimmers and smart home integration, you can create the perfect customized lighting scene with just a tap.

Shop Floor Lamps-FAQs

How many floor lamps should I have in a room?

As a general rule, every seating area should have a floor lamp to provide ample lighting. For larger spaces, use 2-3 floor lamps strategically placed.

How do I choose a floor lamp shade?

The shade should complement the lamp’s overall style and provide the type of lighting needed – ambient, task, etc. Translucent shades diffuse light while opaque shades control light direction.

What’s the proper height for floor lamps?

Proper height depends on the room – in living rooms, look for lamps around 58-64 inches tall. For reading nooks or near chairs/sofas, adjust height so the bottom of the shade is at eye level when seated.

How do I clean and maintain floor lamps?

Use a dry or slightly damp cloth to regularly wipe down the lamp body and shade, removing dust and dirt. Check manufacturer instructions for specific cleaning guidance for certain materials.

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