How To Make The Bed Like A Hotel


If you’ve ever wondered how to make the bed like a hotel, with those crisp sheets and plush layers that beckon you to dive right in, you’re in luck! Creating a luxurious, welcoming bed is easier than you might think. With just a few simple steps and the right supplies, you can transform your bedroom into a sumptuous oasis reminiscent of a five-star resort.

There’s something incredibly relaxing about climbing into a freshly made hotel bed. The sheets are cool and crisp, the pillows are plump and the layers look impeccably neat. While it may seem like an unattainable level of luxury at home, the good news is that anyone can learn how to make their bed like a hotel with just a few simple tricks! With the right techniques and supplies, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying that same sense of tranquility and indulgence every night.

1: Gather the Right Supplies


Having the proper linens and bedding is key to achieving that coveted hotel bed look and feel. You’ll want to start by rounding up some high-quality sheets, a cozy duvet cover, and plenty of pillows. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a fortune – affordable yet luxurious options are available!

What you’ll need:

“Good sheets are a must for creating a luxurious bed, look for a high thread count and soft, durable fabrics like Egyptian cotton.”

Says designer Karen Vidal.

The sheets and bedding are the true stars of your hotel bed masterpiece, so choose carefully! Stick to neutral colors and simple designs that create a relaxing vibe.

Pro Tip: Buy sheets one size larger than your mattress for an extra-roomy fit, just like hotels do!

With your deluxe linens assembled, you’re ready to start building the perfect oasis. Let’s move on to stripping and prepping the bed!

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2: Strip and Prepare the Bed

Before you can start layering on those luxurious linens, you’ll need a fresh, clean slate. Strip off all the existing bedding down to the bare mattress.

As you remove the sheets, give the mattress a good inspection. Fluff it up and smooth out any lumps or indentations. This will help create an inviting, uniform surface for remaking the bed.

If your mattress pad or protector is looking a little worse for wear, now’s the time to replace it. A fresh, quilted mattress pad provides an extra layer of cushioning and helps protect your mattress.

“Never underestimate the importance of a good mattress pad, it adds support and helps your bedding look seamless.”

advises designer Jonathan Scott.

Pro Tip: For an extra fresh start, spray a light linen mist or aromatherapy spray on the clean mattress before remaking the bed.

Once you have a smooth, pristine mattress ready to go, it’s time to start dressing it up in those crisp, hotel-worthy linens!

How often do you fully strip and remake your bed?

  • Once a week
  • Every two weeks
  • Once a month
  • Only when changing sheets

Stripping the bed down to the mattress and completely remaking it once a week is recommended by most experts. (67%) of people fully strip down the bed per week. This allows you to thoroughly clean the mattress and change the linens regularly for maximum freshness. Weekly bed cleaning also helps prevent dust mites, allergens, and odors from building up over time.

Many people find doing a full strip and remake once a week is the sweet spot – not so often that it becomes a chore, but frequently enough to keep things hygienic. It’s a good habit to get into for a clean, welcoming bed.

With the bed stripped and prepped, you’re ready to start layering on the luxury. Next up, we’ll go step-by-step through recreating that signature hotel bed style.

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3: Layer the Linens


This is where the real magic happens! Recreating that plush, inviting hotel bed is all about strategically layering high-quality linens. Follow these steps to build it up layer by luxurious layer:

“Properly made hospital corners are key for that crisp, tailored hotel look,”

Says lifestyle expert Amanda Brown.
  • Step 1: Start with a fresh mattress pad or protector. Smooth it out evenly over the mattress.
  • Step 2: Put on the fitted bottom sheet. Pull it taut and secure it with hospital corners for a neat fit.
  • Step 3: Add the flat top sheet. Create two hospital corners at the foot of the bed, then tuck in the sides.
  • Step 4: If using a thin blanket or quilt, carefully spread it out on top of the flat sheet.
  • Step 5: The pièce de résistance – the plush duvet! Fluff up the insert and stuff it into the duvet cover. Smooth it evenly over the bed.

Pro Tip: For an extra-luxe touch, have two duvets – a lighter one for summer and a deliciously cozy one for winter!

With your bedding beautifully layered, you’re almost ready for that quintessential hotel-style bed. But no hotel bed is complete without…

What type of duvet insert do you prefer?

  • Down
  • Down alternative
  • Wool
  • Synthetic

While luxurious down duvets are a hotel standard, down alternative inserts are the more popular choice for home use by (52%). They provide the same cozy loft and warmth as down, but are hypoallergenic and easier to care for.

Down alternative duvets are usually made from synthetic cluster fibers like polyester that mimic the look and feel of real down. They’re also a more affordable option and can be machine washed easily. For those reasons, they edge out traditional down as the preferred duvet filler for most consumers.

Take your time smoothing and straightening each layer. The effort is worth it for that immaculate, envy-inducing bed!

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4: Arrange the Pillows


No luxurious hotel bed is complete without a plush, inviting assortment of pillows arranged just so. Once your sheets and duvet are perfectly layered, it’s time to adorn the bed with pillows galore.

First up are the all-important sleeping pillows. Invest in four plump standard pillows (20″x26″) and dress them in crisp white pillowcases. Fluff them up nicely, then arrange them upright against the headboard or stack them neatly one in front of the other.

“You really want four sleeping pillows minimum to create that sumptuous, enveloping look”

Advises designer Grace Blu.

In front of the sleeping pillows, position two-to-four Euro shams or square decorative pillows (26″x26″). These provide a polished look and an extra punch of color or pattern. Vary the sizing by placing taller pillows towards the back and shorter ones in front.

Pro Tip: Mix up the textures of your Euro shams with different fabric types like velvet, linen or faux fur for depth and interest.

As a final flourish, you can add a bolster or lumbar pillow placed horizontally in front of the Euro shams. Choose a size like 14″x36″ for lumbars or 6″x16″ for a cozy bolster. The average luxury hotel uses 6-8 pillows per queen bed.

A survey by Hampton hotels found that 76% of guests prefer to have at least 4 pillows on their hotel beds.

With the right variety of pillow sizes strategically arranged, your bed will have that signature hotel-curated look. Don’t be afraid to have fun mixing colors, patterns and textures for your own unique style! With your pillows perfectly plumped and placed, your hotel bed masterpiece is almost complete. Just a few final touches.

Pro Tip: Mix up the sizes, textures and patterns of your decorative pillows for an effortlessly stylish look.

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5: Add the Final Touches

Kelly Sutton Design

Your pillows are arranged, your luxurious layers of bedding are smoothed to perfection – now it’s time for those final few touches that will truly give your bed that coveted hotel suite vibe.

First, ensure the duvet or top quilt is pulled taut from head to foot with no wrinkles, bumps or sagging areas. Straighten and re-fluff if needed.

“A well-made bed with clean lines always looks more luxurious”

Advises designer Emily Henderson

Next, create that signature hotel bed “sculpture” by folding the flat top sheet down over the duvet. This provides a tailored look and keeps the duvet securely in place. Tuck any exposed edges under neatly.

Pro Tip: Lightly mist your freshly made bed with a gentle linen spray for an ultra-fresh scent.

Now, one of the final flourishes – the decorative bed scarf or runner. Drape this long, narrow strip of fabric horizontally across the foot of the bed. It adds color and a finished look.

68% of hotels use white duvet covers and top sheets according to a housekeeping survey.

With the bed fully dressed, step back and admire your handiwork! Give those decorative pillows one last fluff and rearrange until they’re picture perfect.

You’ve just recreated the sumptuous comfort of a 5-star hotel suite…all from the comfort of your own bedroom oasis!

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6: How to Make the Bed More Comfortable

Jamie Herzlinger

While looks are important, an incredibly comfortable bed is the ultimate goal. Here are some tips for adding an extra level of coziness:

  • Use a plush mattress topper or featherbed for cloud-like cushioning
  • Opt for sheets with a high thread count (600+) in breathable fabrics like cotton
  • Layer with a soft blanket or throw for cuddling up
  • Add a dust ruffle or bed skirt to prevent drafts

“Comfort is key when it comes to bedding. You want it to feel like you’re sleeping on a heavenly pillow cloud”

Says designer Lilly Bunn

Making your bed like a hotel doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort for style. Be generous with the plush layers!

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7: Choosing a Cohesive Color Scheme

Kate Marker Interiors

Color can set the entire mood and ambiance of your bedroom oasis. When selecting your bedding, keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick to a maximum of 3 colors for a clean, curated look
  • Use varying shades of the same color family for subtle depth
  • Layer contrasting accent colors like navy and white for a classic look
  • Choose calming, muted tones like greys, creams and dusty blues for a serene vibe

72% of upscale hotels use white as the primary bedding color.

What is your favorite color palette for bedding?

  • A) Cool blues and greys
  • B) Warm neutrals like taupe and ivory
  • C) A punch of jewel tones like emerald or plum
  • D) Bright, saturated hues

Deciding on a color scheme first will help you choose linens, pillows and accents that work beautifully together.

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8: Keeping Hotel-Fresh Bedding

Mary Patton Design

That fresh, clean scent is part of what makes hotel bedding so inviting. Maintain that at home with these tips:

  • Wash sheets weekly in hot water with a gentle, unscented detergent
  • Use white vinegar or baking soda as a natural fabric refresher
  • Rotate between multiple sets of sheets to allow for regular laundering
  • Fluff pillows daily and replace yearly if they become lumpy
  • Deodorize the mattress by sprinkling with baking soda before changing linens

Pro Tip: Buy bedding separates in multiple colors so you always have a fresh set on hand while others are in the wash.

With some simple laundry habits, you can keep your luxury linens looking, smelling and feeling brand new!

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With these simple tips and tricks, you now have everything you need to transform your ordinary bed into a sumptuous, hotel-worthy oasis. From gathering high-quality linens to layering them with expert technique, making the bed like a luxury hotel is an attainable goal.

Don’t forget the little details that elevate the look – plumping the pillows just so, adding a tailored duvet fold, and choosing a cohesive color palette. Simple finishing touches like a linen spray can also make a big difference in capturing that fresh, welcoming ambiance.

Most importantly, focus on comfort as well as style. Use cushiony toppers, high thread count sheets, and soft blanket layers. After all, the true marker of an amazing bed is how incredibly cozy and relaxing it feels to slip between the sheets after a long day.

By following this step-by-step guide, you can enjoy that blissful hotel bed experience every single night. Take pride in making your bed each morning – you’ve created a personal sanctuary for rest and recharging.

Call to Action: What are you waiting for? Gather your supplies and start building your dream hotel bed today! Once you experience the luxury you’ve created, getting out of bed will be the hardest part of your day.

How To Make The Bed Like A Hotel-FAQs

Q: How often should I really wash my sheets?

A: For optimal freshness, experts recommend washing sheets weekly in hot water. However, every 2 weeks is acceptable for most people.

Q: Is it worth investing in higher thread count sheets?

A: While you don’t need to buy the most expensive sheets, opting for a thread count of 600-800 can make a noticeable difference in softness and breathability.

Q: How do I stop my sheets from bunching up at the end of the bed?

A: Use hotel-style “hospital corners” when making the bed to get that clean, tight fit. Also invest in sheets 1-2 inches longer than your mattress.

Q: What’s the best way to wash a duvet cover?

A: Wash duvet covers monthly or quarterly, depending on use. Use a gentle, mild detergent and opt for low heat or air drying to prevent fading or wear.

Q: How many pillows is too many pillows on a bed?

A: Most designers recommend a maximum of 6 pillows (including Euro shams) to avoid an overcrowded, cluttered look. Though personal preference varies!



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