10 Surprising Benefits of Printable Wall Art

There are countless advantages to choosing printable wall art, and the soaring popularity of printable wall art has many people hooked. Want to furnish your home with minimal effort and costs? Stay put! However, before that, are you familiar with the world of printable wall art?

When it comes to decorating your home with personalized designs and decor accents that you love, nothing beats the good old combination of framed photography and art pieces that create an elevated look.


No sweat if you’re clueless! I stumbled upon this relatively recent discovery and became a big fan for several reasons. Let’s dive into what makes printable wall art stand out and why it’s amazing.

What is printable art? 

Rather than buying a canvas or a framed poster, you invest in a digital file-a simple JPG file, akin to the ones stored on your phone or computer. Nonetheless, these files boast exceptional resolution and quality.

How do you transform a digital file into a tangible artwork you can mount on your wall? Three options are available to convert the file into a printed masterpiece.

“Printable wall art allows for unprecedented freedom and expression in design. You can curate a collection that speaks directly to your personal taste and aesthetic, without being limited by pre-made options. It’s also a budget-friendly way to make a statement and update your space regularly.”

Says Kelly Wearstler, Interior Designer

Option 1 – You can print it on your own! If you have a printer, voila, you can effortlessly produce your artwork at home. Obviously, this only works for small prints (unless you possess a colossal plotter at home) or your office has a large laser printer that can print larger paper sizes.

Option 2 – You can visit a local print shop. I’m all for supporting local businesses, so this is my preferred option if you lack the equipment at home. Bring the file to any small business photo store or a chain like FedEx, Costco, Walgreens, CVS, Office Max, or Staples, among others, and they will print it for you. Most of the time, they print it out quickly, allowing you to pick it up the next day while running errands.

Option 3 – You can upload the file to an online print service provider. Many service providers offer different conditions and ship to various countries. A quick Google search can help you find a suitable print provider in minutes.

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Why should you choose printable art?

1: It Instantly Transforms Your Living Space

Have you ever felt like your home needs a fresh, new look? Printable wall art is one of the most affordable and convenient ways to transform any living space. Simply download a digital print from my shop, print it out at home or at your local print shop, and place it in your favorite frame. You can experiment with different designs, sizes, and colors until you find the perfect match for your home decor.

2: Affordable Art for Every Budget

High-quality art can be expensive, but with printable wall art, you can get beautiful pieces at a fraction of the cost. There are thousands of options available online, so you can choose from a variety of designs that fit your budget and personal taste. You can also customize prints to match the color scheme of your room, making them a perfect addition to any home.

3: Easily Change Your Decor with the Seasons

Printable wall art allows you to change your decor with the seasons or special occasions. You can swap out your wall art to match the colors of fall, winter, or summer. You can also print out prints for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas to give your home a festive touch.

4: A Unique and Personal Touch

When you print out wall art, you have the freedom to choose designs that speak to you. Whether you’re a fan of modern art or vintage posters, there’s something for everyone. You can also choose prints that reflect your personality or interests, making your home truly unique and personal.

5: Easy to Access

Printable wall art is easily accessible, which means you can have your favorite pieces hanging on your walls in no time. You can download digital prints from my shop, or even create your own using design software. Once you have the file, you can print it out immediately, which means you don’t have to wait for shipping.

6: No Need to Sacrifice Quality

Printable wall art is high quality, which means you don’t have to sacrifice the quality of your art for convenience or price. You can print your art on high-quality paper or canvas, which will give your prints a professional and polished look. You can also choose the size of your print, making them perfect for any space.

7: Environmentally Friendly

When you print out wall art at home, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also being environmentally friendly. You don’t have to worry about shipping, which means you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Plus, you can choose to print on recycled paper or use eco-friendly ink, making your prints even more sustainable.

8: A Great Gift Idea

Printable wall art makes a great gift for anyone who loves home decor. You can choose prints that reflect your interests or personality, making it a thoughtful and unique gift. You can also customize prints with names or special dates, making them a memorable keepsake.

9: Can Serve as Motivational Pieces

Printable wall art can also serve as motivational pieces that inspire and uplift. You can print out quotes or affirmations that help you stay focused and positive. You can also use prints as reminders of your goals or aspirations, which can keep you motivated to achieve them.

10: A Fun DIY Project

art as a DIY project can be a fun and fulfilling experience. By printing your own art, you can not only save money but also have the freedom to customize the design and choose the perfect size and framing to fit your style and space.

“Printable wall art is a sustainable and accessible way to bring art and culture into your home. It eliminates the environmental impact of physical production and shipping, making it a conscious choice for eco-minded individuals. Plus, the variety of artists and styles available online makes it easy to find unique pieces that resonate with your values and spirit.”

Says Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Company and Actress

To start, you’ll need to find a printable design that you like and that matches the aspect ratio you’re looking for. After printing, you can then choose to frame your art using a store-bought frame or customize it with a DIY frame made from materials such as wood, cardboard, or even washi tape.

The process of creating your own wall art can be a rewarding and creative way to add a personal touch to your home decor. It also allows you to explore your artistic skills and experiment with different designs and styles. So why not give it a try and see what you can come up with?

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Printing out wall Art


Multiple Aspect Ratios: My printables come in aspect ratios that match the most popular standard frame sizes: 3×4, and 4×5. There is a simple formula for calculating aspect ratios: Aspect Ratio = Width / Height. But you don’t want to worry too much about the math behind it, so here’s a guide to the most common aspect ratios and their respective popular print sizes:

4:5 Ratio
4”x5” 8”x10” 12”x15” 16”x20”

3:4 Ratio
6”x8” 9”x12” 12”x16” 15”x20” 18”x24”

The Importance of Resolution and DPI: 

Unless stated otherwise in the description, my printables all are ready to print in a 24x36in/ 70x100cm size with 300DPI. DPI stands for the number of dots in a printed inch, it is used to determine an image resolution. Basically, the more dots the higher the quality of the print, thus the more sharpness and details. 300dpi is the optimal size for a clear and crisp picture. Any image printed with less than 150dpi will look pixelated and blurry.

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Where can you find printable wall art?

There are many online stores where you can find printable wall art. You can do a quick google search for “printable wall art” and you’ll find plenty of options to buy. 

Check out my shop for various printable wall art styles; such as Scandinavian wall art, Nordic wall art, and landscape wall art.

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Printable wall art offers a multitude of benefits that make it an increasingly popular choice for home decor enthusiasts. From its affordability and ease of accessibility to the ability to transform your living space instantly, printable wall art provides a unique and personalized touch to your home.

With the flexibility to change your decor to suit different seasons and occasions, the environmentally friendly aspect of reducing shipping, and the opportunity for creative DIY projects, printable wall art stands out as a versatile and sustainable choice.

Whether you’re seeking an affordable way to refresh your living space, looking for a thoughtful gift idea, or simply exploring your artistic side, printable wall art opens up a world of possibilities. So why not embark on this creative journey and discover how printable wall art can enhance your home decor while reflecting your unique style and personality? Start exploring the endless options of printable wall art today and transform your living space with ease and creativity.

FAQs: Printable Wall Art

Q1: What exactly is printable wall art?

A1: Printable wall art refers to digital artwork that you can download as a file, typically in JPG format, and then print it out to decorate your walls at home. It’s a cost-effective and customizable way to enhance your living space.

Q2: How do I transform a digital file into a tangible piece of wall art?

A2: There are three primary options:

  • Option 1: Print it on your own if you have a printer.
  • Option 2: Visit a local print shop where they can print it for you.
  • Option 3: Upload the file to an online print service provider, who can ship the printed art to you.

Q3: Is printable wall art affordable?

A3: Yes, printable wall art is a budget-friendly option. You can find a wide range of designs to fit your budget, and you only pay for the digital file, which you can print as many times as you like.

Q4: Can I change my wall art with the seasons or special occasions?

A4: Absolutely! Printable wall art allows you to easily swap out artwork to match different seasons or special events, adding a festive touch to your home decor.

Q5: How do I ensure good print quality for my wall art?

A5: To maintain high quality, it’s essential to use a high-resolution file (usually 300DPI) and select quality printing materials like high-quality paper or canvas.

Q6: Where can I find printable wall art?

A6: You can discover a variety of printable wall art options online by searching for “printable wall art.” Additionally, you can explore specific shops and websites specializing in various styles, such as Scandinavian wall art, Nordic wall art, and landscape wall art.

Q7: Is printable wall art eco-friendly?

A7: Yes, it can be environmentally friendly. Printing at home or locally reduces shipping-related carbon emissions. You can also choose eco-friendly printing options and recycled paper to further minimize your environmental impact.

Q8: Can printable wall art be a unique gift idea?

A8: Certainly! Printable wall art offers the flexibility to select designs that reflect the recipient’s interests or personality. You can even customize prints with names or special dates to create a memorable and thoughtful gift.

Q9: What are the popular aspect ratios for printable wall art?

A9: The most common aspect ratios for printable wall art include 4:5 and 3:4. These ratios correspond to popular print sizes, making it easy to find frames that fit your artwork.

Q10: Is creating my own printable wall art a fun DIY project?

A10: Absolutely! Crafting your own wall art allows you to express your creativity, save money, and customize the design to match your style and space. It can be a rewarding and enjoyable DIY endeavor.



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